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Videos Can Be An Information Marketer’s Best Friend

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I realize that saying videos can be an information marketer’s best friend sounds rather ho-hum. It doesn’t even seem like news that’s fit to print.  But videos are becoming friendlier and friendlier these days, and it’s important to understand their position in the maturing communication marketplace.

Marko Muellner had this to say about digital video marketing on ClickZ recently:

“YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Path, Vine, Viddy, and others have made it incredibly easy to distribute video. Primarily to our own networks and through peer-to-peer sharing, but with YouTube advertising, Facebook’s forthcoming video ads, and Twitter’s new adventures in segmentation and Cards APIs, we’re seeing a maturing of video distribution to audiences at scale. This is really important. For the first time the platforms have the ability to provide amazing levels of targeting, but at scale.”

info marketing videos

Videos Can Be An Information Marketer’s Best Friend

Solo entrepreneurs with growing lists might not absorb the full impact of this statement. Muellner is saying that big advertising dollars (such as those spent on full-page magazine ads and big newspaper ads) are going to start flowing into video ads more and more. Big advertisers can be much more selective as regards their target markets because they have more stats for online sites than for magazines and newspapers.

If you were managing a multi-million-dollar ad budget, where would you be looking to spend money now?

I’m guessing that your ad budget is not quite that large, but the concept applies to all of us now. Information marketing is perfectly suitable for digital video promotions on YouTube, Facebook and the other alternative platforms now.

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