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Ways To Improve Your Writing To Market Information

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It goes without saying, but of course I’m going to talk about it today –  it’s good to find ways to improve your writing to market information. One way is to hire other people to do your writing for you. But that is not always the most efficient or effective way to achieve excellent writing for your info products or your marketing materials.

I realize that many people are hesitant to write anything, let alone write the content and scripts for information products they intend to sell. They are just shy and insecure about their writing skills, and that creates a form of paralysis when it’s time to sit down and write just about anything.

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Ways To Improve Your Writing To Market Information

Here’s a succinct suggestion  from Jerod Morris on Copyblogger this week regarding timing yourself when you get started writing each session:

“And time yourself. Maybe it’s 10 minutes, maybe it’s 33.33 minutes, maybe it’s an hour. But during that time, allow yourself to do nothing but write.

If you end up staring at the blank screen producing nothing, so be it. More likely, boredom will overcome you at some point and you’ll start to write something.

Something is better than nothing. And every time your butt is in the chair writing, you’ll be getting better.”

That’s a good one, isn’t it?  You cannot fall prey to any fear or hesitation when the clock is ticking, or at least you won’t do it for long. As Morris puts it, “Something is better than nothing.” And that’s a fact. Writing something is the first step on the road to improving your writing.

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