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What Information Marketers Can Learn from Songwriters and Laundromats

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Information marketers can learn a lot from two professions that seem to have nothing to do with the info products field.

I have a lot of friends that are musicians. Most of them dream about being able to make a decent living. For many a musician, this is all about writing a song that gets picked up by an artist. If the artist puts the song on an album (sorry, OLD school term), they get paid.

The songwriter also gets paid every time the song is played. But IF the song becomes a HIT, then it gets played all the time. Each time it’s played, the songwriter makes a few pennies. Pennies when multiplied by MANY plays equals big bucks.

When I first moved to New York City many years ago, I lived right next to a laundromat. The owner was a Frenchman. Every so often we would sit down for coffee. I would tell him about my life and he would share things about his. Inevitably the conversation turned to his business.

I would ask him how things were going. His reply was always the same. “In New York City most people don’t have washing machines. So, they need to do their laundry with me. Even though they pay me in quarters, I make a LOT of them!”

Both songwriters and laundromat owners understand that making SMALL money repeatedly adds up to BIG money in the end.

The VAST majority of “gurus” in the internet and information marketing field try and get you to look for the BIG money. The want you to “swing for the fence”. When I played baseball I rarely hit home runs. I did hit a lot of singles and doubles. Same thing in baseball as it is with songwriting. A bunch of singles will get you a lot of runs.

Every day I wake up and ask myself how I can do something once today that will pay me a few pennies FOREVER. I’m not swinging for the fence and trying to hit home runs.

For ME, I like to emulate the songwriters and laundromat owners of the world. Make small money, but make it AGAIN and AGAIN!

I get a lot of checks that come in from a lot of different sources each month. Some of them big and some of them small. NONE of them is thrown out. All of them are deposited. All of them are REAL money.

I have a lot of articles and books on the Kindle store. Most of the time, when I sell one, I make about $2. Not a lot. But I now have close to 30 of them. By the end of this year I want to have 100 or more.

My thinking goes like this. If I can get JUST 5 people each month to buy each of my Kindle items and I have 100 things I’m selling I’ll make $1,000 each month. And, from my experience, each month the numbers go UP. Write the article once, get paid FOREVER. Or so I hope!

For years I’ve been getting checks from Each month I get a check. Like clockwork. You can too if you become an affiliate and sign up! I also get a check each month from and from YOU CAN TOO!

Some of these checks are 5 figures monthly. Others are 4. Some are just 3 figures. BUT WHO CARES!! It’s REAL money.

I’d rather be making $100 a month from each of 100 places than getting just ONE check for $10,000 each month. That way I’d be diversified. If one of the checks STOPPED coming in it wouldn’t kill me.

So, I suggest you too look for ways to be like the songwriter and laundromat owner. How many different ways can YOU find to generate small checks from a lot of different places?

Every time you hear a song on the radio, or drive by a laundromat you’ll think of this idea. Hopefully, it will spur you to action!

Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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