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What Makes A Web Page Interesting

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Quite literally, what makes a web page interesting is in the eye of the beholder. We are reading with our eyes, and tests show that our eyes move somewhat chaotically around a web page as we look for interesting facts to absorb quickly.

Here’s an example from a recent blog post by user experience researcher Jakob Nielsen:

“For specific facts, representing numbers using digits rather than letters increases usability for people who are looking for either a particular piece of information or the gist of a page. This often includes e-commerce shoppers and very often includes customers visiting B2B sites, whether they’re shopping or just doing research.

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What Makes A Web Page Interesting

Even when users aren’t scanning for data, having your facts stand out visually by presenting them as numerals is an easy way to enhance credibility by making your page seem more useful.”

In other words, use of numerals creates a focal point for your readers as their eyes scan a webpage. If you are presenting factual data to build and support the information content you are writing it shouldn’t present any difficulties to use numbers instead of writing them out, meaning 45 instead of forty-five.

If your high school English teacher taught you that spelling out numbers was the right thing to do, it’s best to file her advice for writing a book someday. Or, if you are engaged in writing an information marketing book that will be traditionally published, feel free to make use of her advice in that endeavor now. Just stick with numerals for your digital products and webpages.

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