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When Selling Info Products, TALENT TRUMPS AGE and EXPERIENCE!

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If you’re selling information for all or part of your living, there are some important things to remember. Just because some one has done something for a LONG time, OR, just because they are OLDER than you, doesn’t make them GOOD.

I have seen people who are teenagers that I would hire in a second to help me on certain projects. The fact that they weren’t a certain age makes no difference . . . if TALENT is what you’re looking for.

The same thing is true of experience. There are people who have done things for years. The assumption that do those things WELL is misguided.

I often refer people to a book by Geoffrey Golvin, called Talent is Overrated. The premise of the book is that you can get to be WORLD class at something if you put in 10,000 hours of time working on it. However, without HIGH QUALITY instructors, all the hours you put in may be worthless in large scheme of things.

Talent MAY come with age and experience, but there is NO guarantee!

This post was prompted by something I read recently. An individual was touting someone as having done something THOUSANDS of times. So what? You might have done something a LOT of times and still be LOUSY at it.

I am mainly bringing this issue up as it relates to HIRING people to help you with any aspect of your business. Make sure and place a lot more emphasis on TALENT than you do on AGE or EXPERIENCE.

They MAY produce individuals with great skills, but then again, they may NOT! It’s good to know that someone has been doing something “forever” but they may have developed bad habits. It’s also possible that they have been chugging along doing it WELL ENOUGH to get by and not much more.

All you have to do it look at the various politicians out there to realize that AGE and EXPERIENCE are NOT a substitute for talent. We all have to put up with politicians. BUT, when it comes to spending your hard-earned money on services, look for TALENT!!

What do YOU think?

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