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Why Every Information Marketer Should Use the Same Tools

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If you’re an information marketer, I have a suggestion. Stick with the same tools that I use and you’ll always have support.

Let me explain.

I’ve been doing information marketing for a LONG time. First offline and now online. I have a lot of other information marketers who listen to and follow my advice. I do a lot of info marketing coaching with a wide variety of clients.

ALL of them are using the same set of tools I’ll tell you about here. Why? Because if everyone is using the same tools and resources, I only need to do training for one set.

The first thing is to properly/carefully select the tools to use. If I make the wrong choices for myself and my clients, big problems result. Luckily, I think I’ve made the right choices and hope that you’ll follow my advice.

No matter what field you’re creating info products in, you will need certain basic tools. These tools are necessary to create the following:

1. Books/Ebooks/Reports
2. Audio Programs
3. Video Programs
4. Membership Sites
5. Software
6. Websites

In order to create these items, you’ll need the following TYPES of programs:

1. Word Processing
2. Audio Recording and Editing Program
3. Video Camera
4. Video Editing Software
5. Membership Site Software
6. Website Software

For your word processing, I suggest you use EITHER Microsoft Word or Pages from Apple. I can’t do the training for you with regards to these two products, but you can get it for free on either Apple’s site or on YouTube.

For audio recording and editing the only thing I can suggest is what I own: Garageband. Although I also hear good things about Audacity which is a program that runs on either a Mac or a PC. Garageband only runs on a Mac.

If you do information marketing you’ll need to record video. It isn’t crucial that you get THIS camera, but I would recommend you get a Canon Vixia. I own the model that costs just under $400. They keep changing the model number, but currently it’s the HF R20. Just make sure it’s a high-def camera and that is has removable media to record on like an SD card.

After you shoot your video, you’ll need something to edit that video. As an info marketer who wants to GET IT DONE and get it done quickly and easily, I use IMovie. Simple to use? YES. Less “prestigious” than Final Cut Pro? Absolutely. For info marketers, Final Cut Pro is overkill and unnecessary.

Membership site software is an ongoing issue. Right now I’m using Wishlist. It’s got some good features, but I have no vested interest in promoting it. A number of my JV partners are setting up membership sites and I want us all to be on the same page.

For website set up we all use WordPress. AND, for the most part, we all use Dave Hamilton at for website support.

IF we all use the same tools, THEN, we can all help each other and give each other “support” (in the computer sense of the word). All of the videos I produce and articles I write revolve around the elements that I’ve listed here.

So, if you choose to use the tools I’ve listed here, you’l have a good chance of finding help if you need it.

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