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Every 3 months or so, I do an information marketing bootcamp. Take a look at FredInfoBootcamp for more on that topic. The question posed in this post is WHY? There is the “standard” answer: To make a few more dollars. Yes, that’s PART of the answer, but not all of it.

Here are the other important reasons why I do “bootcamps” and you should too:

1. The Opportunity to Find JV Partners

The BIGGEST benefit of doing info marketing bootcamps, is finding great people to partner with. When I find someone to partner with at one of my events, it’s exciting. I get to spend a week with someone to see what they are like and whether or not we would work well together. They get to do the same.

IF we have are a good match, we sometimes decide to take things to the next level and work together. This produces an ongoing revenue stream for both of us. This is the SINGLE most IMPORTANT thing in my business model. Finding people where WE can generate ongoing monthly revenue.

2. Learn by Teaching

It’s inevitable. When you TEACH, you LEARN. It happens every time for me. I get a huge benefit from teaching. First off, if you’re going to teach anything you have to stay up to date on the latest information in your field.

To be a GREAT teacher you have to go through the latest information and decide what’s worth following and what should be discarded. Knowing what NOT to teach is as important as what you SHOULD teach.

And, there’s more. Similar to playing a sport, it’s always good to review the fundamentals in any field. True as well when you’re doing info marketing. When you teach something you remind yourself of the fundamentals.

3. Learn from Attendees

It’s a funny thing. I often learn more from my information marketing bootcamp attendees than I do from any other source. I attract a HIGH LEVEL of individuals. Lucky for me!

In my next bootcamp coming up this June, I have someone who is attending from the UK. The bootcamp itself ends on a Thursday. On Friday, the day after we finish, he’ll be doing a 3 day seminar at my house. I expect to learn a lot from this event.

He has knowledge that I want to learn AND share with my list and JV partners. It’s not unusual to find people at my info product bootcamps who have a wealth of valuable experience.

4. Make Some Money

If I get everyone to show up at a bootcamp, I gross $18,000. Not everyone fills up, but many of them do. After expenses, it’s not a bad week. BUT, I don’t look at the money that comes in from the bootcamp registration as the REAL money that I make from this event.

If I find a JV partner at every bootcamp, I create an ONGOING revenue stream of income that will pay me FOREVER. This is much more important than the dollars generated from the bootcamp itself. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t turn the bootcamp registration dollars down, but they aren’t the BIG, LONG TERM money I’m looking for.

5. Make Some Friends

I’ve been very fortunate to make some very good friends from people who have attended my events. You may find it interesting that I even include it this list. Why DO I include it? Because it is extremely important to me.

It’s a lot of fun to create products and make money. It’s MORE fun to do that with people you love to be around. Many of my revenue sources now come from JV partnerships. Many of those JV deals have been done with folks who have come to a Fred Info Bootcamp.

6 Create Some Products

Although I never record the entire bootcamp and sell it, I DO record relevant PIECES of the bootcamp and make them available for sale. In addition to my own rantings on various topics, I also invite some experts to speak at my info marketing bootcamps. These recordings I DO make available.

Some recordings I make available for sale. Others I give away. I never make that decision in advance. After I record an interview with an expert I go back and relisten to it. It’s at that point that I decide whether or not it should be sold or given away.

How to make that decision? I’ll save that for a future post. Too many factors go into that decision and it doesn’t lend itself to a quick discussion.

What About YOU?

Do you have knowledge in a field? Why not do a longer, more in-depth event? Keep it small. Look for PARTNERS that you can work with. Make some good friends. Create some great products. Generate some good revenue.

Do some of your own events like this and you’ll get LOTS of great benefits.

Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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