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Why SEO is SO Important to Information Marketing Success

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I recently made some major changes to my website. The site LOOKS a LOT better. Only one BIG problem. Before the changes, or the keywords “information marketing” I was sitting at either number 3 or 4. Latest check I was at #21.


My old site was looking a little dated. It made me feel a bit like I was wearing a polyester 3 piece suit in the year 2010. It definitely did not have that “smashing” and debonair look. It now LOOKS a lot better.

One big problem, my banker will not accept deposits of a “better looking website.” All they take at US Bank is CASH. Bummer.

Here’s the deal. I may like the new look of my site, but that doesn’t mean ANYTHING. The only things that really matter are the following items.

1. Am I getting more or less traffic with this new SPIFFY site? Less. A good deal less. So less people are now visiting a better looking site. You don’t need a degree from M.I.T. (my wife has one) to figure out that this is a BAD DEAL.

2. Am I getting more people to opt-in to my list? NO. The numbers have gone done. WAY down! The only METRIC more important to me in measuring my site is average visitor value. Less people opting in means FEWER future customers.

3. Have I increased my average visitor value? NOPE. This numbers is generated by taking the total number of dollars generated by the site and dividing that number by the total number of unique visitors. Once again, I am sad to report that this number has also gone down.

4. Might I be MORE apt to win some kind of award for having a “better looking” site? OH YEAH. Like I give a rat’s behind about that.

WAAAAHHH!! (Baby crying sound!)

Give me back my old site, with my old rankings. Who cares about how good it looks if it’s not making more money. That’s the friggin goal for the site!

I made a decision I do NOT want you make. I listened to counsel from various sources telling me two basic things. First that I needed to update the LOOK of my site. HORSECRAP!

Second, IF the site were to be updated, the rankings would NOT be affected. This turned out to be wrong. VERY wrong.

I need you to learn from my mistake. As one of the leaders in the field of information marketing, my Google rankings are KEY to my success. I am now attempting to fight my way back to the top. It’s SLOW going.


If it’s NOT broke, don’t BREAK IT!

Don’t like the LOOK of your site right now? Rankings are really good though? Live with it. Unless you can convince your bank to take the new look and deposit as cash you’re barking up the wrong tree.

WAITER! . . . . . . . CHECK PLEASE!

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2 Responses to “Why SEO is SO Important to Information Marketing Success”

  1. John Deck on July 13th, 2010 3:06 am


    You should be able to update a site and not lose ranking providing the site structure is not changed. Change the skin but not the body. Sometimes you may get a temporary drop, but that should be short lived.

    If you lost ranking then the site structure was not maintained and/or changes were not handled with redirects.

    Last year I updated two sites for a client. One had almost no ranking before the upgrade but ranked well for a couple of keywords afterward. During the upgrade I fixed its on-page SEO. The while not as bad, the second site was doing better after the its upgrade for much the same reasons.

    With out seeing the details, sounds like too much change.


    John Deck

  2. John Deck on July 13th, 2010 3:26 am

    A little follow to my earlier post. If you do a google search on ‘intitle:”information marketing” inurl:”information marketing” inanchor:”information marketing”‘ (without the single quotes) your site is #6. Pretty good for a very competitive term. Now if I do a search with “information marketing” (using the double quotes, your site is on page 2 position #4. Pretty good. Shows good possibility of moving back to page 1. Last is I search on ‘information marketing’ (no single quotes) your site is page 2, #8. Again not bad. While there may have been some damage from the update, nothing that with some work can’t fixe. However there was one big item I noticed, your youTube video was on page 1. That is darn good.

    So I would say that your site is in better shape than you may suspect.

    John Deck

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