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Words of Advice From The E-Book Lady

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Terri Seymour has been writing and teaching about writing e-books for a long time, just as I have. It’s always good to check out ideas from other information marketers, so today I’m sharing an  excerpt from Terri’s article, Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Sales Copy, good words of advice from the E-Book Lady herself:

“1. Not knowing and/or believing in your product.

2. No sub-headings.

information marketing mistakes to avoid in writing sales copy

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Sales Copy

3. Not stressing the benefits.

4. Not using testimonials.

5. Not using a P.S.

6. Not learning how to write an effective headline.

7. Not using the right words.

8. Not making your copy believable.

9. No sense of urgency.

10. Not proofreading your copy.”

These items are are SO BASIC, and yet so good. They are so simple and yet incredibly easy to forget, aren’t they? We all have to write sales copy to sell our information products, so this list can really keep us on track every time. It’s not a bad idea to print this list and keep it handy when you sit down to write sales copy for your info products.

Seymour knows that keeping things simple is a key to success. Pick a topic, create an e-book, promote it with information marketing, and then do it all over again. That’s the system for writing and promoting e-books successfully online.

Naturally, there’s a slightly different model for use of e-books to promote yourself as a speaker or a coach. When the real product is YOU, and what you do as an expert, writing the e-book takes on greater importance up front.

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