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Writing Great Copy for Your Information Products

Information Marketing

One of the most important elements to selling information products is the copy. You have two choices when it comes to writing copy to sell your info products: 1) write it yourself and 2) get someone else to write it for you. I suggest that everyone TRY to write copy for their information marketing business themselves. You may find that you’re great at writing copy. If so, you are one of the few info product marketers who is. 

Writing copy yourself when you first get started is great because you’ll know whether or not you’re any good (you’ll make a lot of sales and have a high conversion ratio) and you will understand how difficult it is to do well.

I found out that as far as my own information marketing business that I was better off using someone else to write it for me. Check out Sabrina Brick. She is the one who does all my copy. Better yet, take a look at her service where she offers to TWEAK your copy for you. You can get some great results at a reduced rate since she doesn’t do the writing from scratch.

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