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Your Information Marketing Videos Speak Louder Than Words

Information Marketing

There’s no doubt about it, it’s a fact that your information marketing videos speak louder than words. The graphics and the body language and everything you incorporate into videos will influence people to visit your websites, or not. Planning the script and the presentation prior to creating your videos is more crucial than ever now, partially because there is so much competition.

Rocky Walls posted on Emarketing and Commerce this week, offering the following suggestions for using videos in your information marketing:

info marketing videos

Your Information Marketing Videos Speak Louder Than Words

“As always, before you begin using any marketing tool, it’s important to understand the best strategies and tactics to reach your audience. These four tips will help online marketing pros determine how to integrate videos into their overall approach.

1. Make sure it’s mobile. When you produce and share videos, keep them short and shareable for your mobile audience…

2. Embrace white space. Use video instead of large blocks of text on your website, especially when explaining something new, telling a story or showing off new products. The average time spent on pages with videos was three minutes compared to one minute and 30 seconds on pages without videos. ..

3.  Use video in email marketing. People are tired of getting the same old emails. These videos are perfect to entice shoppers…

4. Include a call to action (CTA). Put a CTA at the end of your video. It’s a great way to get your audience to sign up for your email list, register for an upcoming event or browse new products.”

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