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YouTube Data For Your Info Business

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If you are marketing information, you have probably been using Google Analytics on your websites for a long time now, right? If not, you’ll want to check it out and get started right away. Knowing what is happening behind-the-scenes on your landing pages and websites is a competitive advantage you cannot afford to miss.

And if you have videos, you need YouTube data for your info business, too. YouTube (owned by Google) has its own set of parameters that affect your ranking on the most popular video platform now.  As Benjamin Spiegel posted on ClickZ recently, “Video SEO continues to evolve along with YouTube’s and Google’s search algorithms.” Had you given any thought to the SEO potential of your information marketing videos?

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YouTube Data For Your Info Business

Some of Spiegel’s suggestions involve the title of your YouTube videos. Here’s his list for the 120 characters you have for your title on each video:

“These should be short and catchy, like an attention-getting email subject line.

Make the title relatable to your target viewers and relevant to your brand.

Be descriptive enough to convey the story but short enough to show correctly on small screens.

Use elements of the content you believe will be searched the most.

Exact matches to search terms yield excellent search results.”

Just like the title of an article or a blog post, the title of your videos is food for search engines, and should be written to attract visitors searching for specific keywords. Optimizing your video titles will definitely boost the SEO value of your information marketing YouTube videos now.

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